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Post  MasterGir(Admin) on Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:26 pm

These are the rules.

No spamming.

Do not bash the site. You'll be banned and/or kicked off.

Please respect every member on the board.
Do not flame, bash, insult, or act rude to any member of the board. Members are all entitled to their own opinions. If a person acts uncivil, uncouthful, uncooperatively, harrassingly, or intimidatingly to you, this does not give you an excuse to act the same as a gesture of retaliation.

Avoid the use of derogatory words in posts.

Do not post any pornographic images.
You may not link to sites or directly link to images containing pornography, or include them in your posts.

We do not condone advertising of "free" items, eBay items, or trading.
You may not start a thread for the sole purpose of selling an item.

Report offensive posts that break these rules.
If someone has broken a rule or is spamming, flaming, or anything of that matter, report it. It will be dealt with much faster in this manner. The staff can't be everywhere all the time.

If you disobey the rules you will be banned and/or kicked off.

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